Yacht Charter in Greece

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Lefkas - Porto Katsiki.
Zakynthos - Navagio Beach.
Lefkas - Egremni Beach.
Santorini - Church in Oia.


Why sailing in Greece?

Greece means thousands of islands, pleasant Mediterranean climate and easy accessibility, it is no wonder that sailing in Greece is the first choice for yacht charter in the Mediterranean. There are so many locations worth discovering, which is why travelers spend their sailing holidays in Greece per year.
One of the European countries most devoted to the sea is Greece. Not only because its continental territory is almost all surrounded by the Aegean and Ionian Sea, but also because it has more than 1,000 islands. It is one of the top beach destinations in Europe, and with good reason for its climate, diet and landscape. But this is also a cultural destination due to its historical monuments. If you choose boat rentals in Greece, this brief guide can help you plan your holiday.
Come aboard to one of our sailing yacht with Yachtland to one of the most popular destination – Argo-Saronic, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades, Ionian Islands. Visit a gramophone museum on Lefkas and discover local gastronomy on Corfu with a glass of strong ouzo and a plate of olives with cheese. Whether you have opted for a bareboat or a skippered yacht charter, sail to vibrant Zakynthos and to Mykonos, “the island of the winds”, enjoy mineral baths, lively nightlife and meet tourists from all around the world. Walk around Ithaca, the home of Odysseus and the setting of thousand-year-old myths.
The essential visit in Greece is the Acropolis of Athens, one of the most important monuments in the world. The Greek capital is located next to the port of Piraeus, so the access from the sea is easy. Other interesting cultural visits are the ones to Rhodes.
One of the most popular island destinations is Crete, which has long white beaches and clear waters. If you like scuba diving, Santorini is one of the best options. It is a volcanic island and under its waters you will find caves, a great natural wealth and even shipwrecks. There are many ports from which you can find boat rentals, so navigation is certainly an option to consider.

Greece has several international airports, both in the mainland and in several of its islands. Obviously you can land in the capital, Athens (ATH), but also in Thessaloniki (SKG) and in islands such as Heraklion (HER), Chania (CHQ) in Crete, Rhodes (RHO) and Corfu (CFU). They have also the very busy international airports of Kos (KGS) and Zakynthos (ZTH), and nationals of Santorini (JTR) or Mykonos (JMK).
Aegean Airlines, member of Star Alliance, is the national aviation company in Greece and offers flights to most European capitals and other cities of the continent, as well as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon.

Visit Greece By Boat

Getting to Greece by boat is one of the best options because of its thousands of islands and the large coast the country has. There are sea routes connecting Athens (Piraeus) and other Greek cities in Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus and Israel. Boat rentals in Greece, in any of the islands or in the mainland, give you the best means of transportation to get around the Aegean or Ionian Sea and not miss anything.

Visit Greece By Train

Thessaloniki, northern Aegean, is the main gateway to Greece by train. There are daily trains from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia. Indirect access is also possible from other European countries such as the Czech Republic.

Visit Greece By Road

There are bus lines connecting Greece with its neighbors Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Turkey, but also with Serbia or Georgia. Another option is to arrive by private car. The roads are in good condition and most signs in Greek characters usually have a translation into the Latin alphabet. Some European highways or E-roads pass through Greece to connect with the rest of the continent, such as E55 and E65, the E85 between Lithuania and the Hellenic country or E90, crossing Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece to end in Turkey.

Sailing season in Greece

As usual in the Mediterranean, the best time to sail in Greece is between May and October, when temperatures are higher, it rains less and the wind blows with less intensity

Cuisine in Greece

Greek cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet so it is healthy, colorful and tasty. Because of its history and geographical location, the Greek cuisine is influenced by Eastern and Western dishes, so it has an exotic and unique flair. It includes vegetables as main ingredients, but lamb is also very common, as well as fish in coastal areas.
Moussaka, Souvlaki, Tzatziki composed of layers of meat and baked eggplant, is perhaps the most typical dish of Greek cuisine. Traditional Greek salad, basic in their diet, is made of tomato, cucumber, onion and feta cheese, and usually seasoned with olive oil and oregano.

Chartering Options in Greece

Bareboat yacht charter in Greece is perfect for novice sailors. Greece with the Mediterranean climate, predictable winds, large number of islands and bays where one can find cover or spend a night is an ideal location for gathering new skills.
Skippered yacht charter is a relaxing solution where a local skipper's extensive knowledge will lead you safely to the magnificent maritime locations of Greece, while you absorb rich history and breathtaking landscapes.
Crewed charter in Greece will spoil all your senses. The captain is steering the yacht to the hidden private bay, a deckhand handling all the ropes and systems on the yacht, a hostess keeping the boat tidy and a cook preparing delicious Mediterranean delights. With such a crew, your mission is to experience an ultimate vacation.


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