Port Lavrion - Greece

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Port Lavrion.


Port Lavrion

Base in Lavrion at the south eastern tip of Attica is the best solution for exploring the Cyclades!
Base Lavrion is closer to the Athens International Airport than charter base in Athens, Lavrion base is a great option for those with limited time who just want to get out sailing as soon as possible. No need to go into Athens, simply take a short 20 minute ride to Lavrion base and you will begin your sailing trip to the first Cyclades island an hour or two after arriving in Greece!

The port of Lavrion is changing from time to time more frequently than any town in Greece, opening tavernas, “mezedopoleion” (as they are called – small restaurants offering ouzo and different small plates), cafes and shops while becoming an important ferry boat hub for the Cyclades Islands.
Don't forget to visit the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion which is one of the most important temples in Greece. If you can come during sunset this is the best time, though it is pretty spectacular whenever you come.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Greece soon!