Marina Volos - Greece

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Volos Marina – Greece

While visiting Volos, the city of the Argonauts, you will definitely pass by a tsipouro taverna (tsipourádiko and, in plural, tsipourádika) as they are dispersed in every nook and cranny: almost 600 (!) of them bear the gastronomic stamp of the city and provide people with a favourite meeting point; that is the unrivalled landmark of Volos.

For lunch or dinner, in the afternoon or evening, the tsipouradika are what a pub would be in England, or a bistrot in France. What really make the difference are the grills, the frying pans, and the saucepans that indefatigably make delicious meze, ranging from fresh fish (sardines, picarels, red mullets, anchovies, dusky groupers, bonitos and swordfish) to shellfish and seafood in general. To round off your palate’s party, here come fried shrimps on tomatoe sauce and feta cheese, stuffed squids, octopuses on vinegar, grilled feta cheese, steamed mussels, baked potatoes, and, of course, fresh salads.



Volos Marina is located at the center of Volos city in Greece, and began operating in 1893. In this port coexist commercial shipping, vessels for transport of goods and yachts. With capacity for 133 sailboats and mega yachts up to 60 meters long, most of the infrastructure is designed to carry goods; but boaters can find at their moorings electricity, drinking water, bathrroms and security services. You can also perform technical tasks thanks to its 15 Tn crane and various technical services, among others.



• Drinkable water
• Bank
• Bar/Restaurant
• Diving
• Harbor Master
• Electricity
• Pharmacy
• Gas station
• Crane 15 Tn
• Weather info
• Carpentry
• Laundry

• Ramp
• Waste collection
• Residual water collection
• Car rental
• Towing
• Seamanship
• Medical services
• Market
• Service station
• Dressing rooms
• Security
• Boat Store