Marina Mandraki-Rhodes - Greece

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Rhodes Mandraki Marina - Greece

This, is the largest of the islands in the Dodecanese, is a popular tourist destination. It is also a large charter base, so visiting mid-week provides a better chance of finding a berth. The main harbour for yachts is Mandraki on the north east tip of the island.
The meeting point of yachts of Yacht land mooring places are nearby the windmills in the port. base in Rhodes is located in the port of Mandraki. The island of Rhodes is easily accessible through Diagoras International Airport by charter flights from a lot of countries, as well as by short connecting flights from Athens. The port is approximately 30 minutes from the airport and it can be reached by taxi or by regional bus. The area offers a very big variety of shops, restaurants and all kind of facilities. Rhodes town and main harbour are only 2 km distance from our base.
At island of the Knights, you will have the opportunity to visit numerous cultural and archaeological sites. For sure you don't have to miss the Old town, one of the largest medieval towns in Europe, with the Palace of the Grand Master to be certainly the highlight. Rarely does a visitor have the chance to stroll within medieval walls and explore twenty-four centuries of history.
Rhodes town is very congested with crowds from cruise ships, ferries, holiday package groups, etc. and has thousands of shops and restaurants. Many cruisers prefer to moor in Lindos and take the bus up to Rhodes for the day.

Position 36° 27.14'N, 28° 13.67'E. (Rhodes Harbour)

There are Port Police located at both Mandraki harbour (on the west side) and at the new Rhodes marina.
Yachts coming from other ports in Greece must complete formalities with the port police. If coming from outside Greece, Immigration and Customs must also be visited.

Port Police at Mandraki have been reported as very officious, checking everything possible including the ship's logbook! They also insist on separate check in/check out even when planned stay is less than 12 hrs.
Customs and Immigration are at the root of the Ε mole in Mandraki.



• Water and 220V power is available on the quay.
• Fuel is delivered on the quay by a car-tanker.
• The main street is a 7-minute walk from the dock.
• A 24-hour taxi stand is also found across the road outside Mandraki marina.
• The local bus terminal of Rhodes town with connection of the main villages/ beaches/ sites of the island (such as Lindos) is about 300m away from the yachts’ berths.
• ATM cash point and many Banks are located in the town near the yacht’s pier.
• Parking area (unguarded, quite safe) is also located into the marina, but you better consult the base manager about the best place to leave your car.
• WC / Toilets / Hot water showers are available near the office 5-minutes’ walk from the boats' berths.


About Provisioning

There are two supermarkets within the harbour that are open 7 days a week from 07.30 to 21.00 during the summer. There you will find almost anything you wish. Provisioning lists are accepted in Rhodes too. You can do more shopping in the market square nearby.


About Restaurants

There are various cafes, taverns and restaurants within walking distance of the ancient town and market square. A couple of the best taverns / Greek traditional restaurants in the island you will find in remote villages about 7-16 km SW of the town. Our staff can call a taxi for you and advise you how to locate them.


About Weather

From May to October, the prevailing wind in this area blows from the W or NW at Force 4-6B. If your bearing is towards Kos island, then after you pass the Turkish cape West of Symi island, the winds are usually calmer and blow from N (or NE sometimes). The National Observatory of Athens issues a, sailing weather forecast published in their website. Also National Observatory's site provides an interactive wind map (in Greek) and a detailed forecast for the nearby area.



Beware of the rocks and shallow waters on the north side of the port entrance. Also: drop as much chain as you have in your chain locker, so that your boat’s anchor will not stuck to the heavy-big-chain of the mooring-lines which is submerged parallel to the dock at a distance of 30m (90 feet). Waters at this point are 20 m deep and you will -most probably- need a diver to free your anchor. Other names for Rhodes island: Rhodes, Rodos, Rodos, Rodi