Marina Kos - Greece

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Sailing Vacations begging from favorite Kos Marina in Kos Town, Greece
New favorite marina is Kos Marina in Kos Town, Greece

Originally from the airport Kos to the marina. You enjoy great food from the marina café, also to provision your boat with groceries from Marina’s supermarket and had the most powerful showers to date. Furthermore, you were able to enjoy the beaches, ruins, restaurants and shops located right outside of the marina walls.


Customer Service

When you outside the coastline of Kos Town, we called channel 77 to speak with a Kos Marina attendant. When approaching the marina there’s a huge banner requesting that berth requests are made over the VHF. Don’t panic. After a bit of discussion, offered you a place.

The cost to mooring to the pier is between 30-94 euros. Depends from the size of the boat. When you will be mooring, the boat
Later learned that it was possible to book a space at Kos Marina so if you want to make sure you have a place, please call as the marina certainly fills up over the weekends.


Comfort of Mooring

The marina walls truly protected the boats. The only time we moved is when the marina attendants went speeding by on their tender to help other boats – and that was only during the day. The marina itself is very well kept. Comfort of Mooring The grass is green, the little square with shops looks lovely and all the pontoons are kept very well maintained.

You will be extremely pleased with the kindness offered – all the attendants bombed around the marina working very hard but they always to wave with their hand or to smile. The workers all smiled and said ‘hi’ or ‘yassas’. There are a lot of Sailors eager to chat and swap stories. You will meet people from Israel, America, Italy, Canada, South Africa and Britain – a real mix of backgrounds.


Now you are ready to explore Kos

Upon the approach to Kos Marina you can see a boardwalk strip with beaches along the coast to the right and restaurants and beaches to the left. There’s also a beautiful castle ruin that stands in front of the town marina. Unlike other Greek islands, the feel isn’t particularly Greek. A few mosque towers can be seen from the sea. Live music plays throughout the town on various. And it seems as if every night around

Facilities on the Jetty

There’s water, electricity and Wi-Fi on the pontoons. It’s a key card system so you preload money on the keycard and use it up over time. 

Marina has Wi-Fi that is working excellent.


Facilities on Land

The marina has everything …Great showers, great bathrooms, grocery store, café, restaurant, 2 small chandleries and more.


Distance to Facilities

If you’re on the wall it’s quite a hike to get to the marina offices and then into the town. Otherwise, it’s quite a compact marina only taking a few minutes to get to the facilities.



Sink and ample places to hang your towel, wash bag and clothes. Further, there’s a hair dryer in most of the rooms and an electrical outlet for your own devices.



There are clean toilets and never you will find a toilet without toilet paper or a soap dispenser without soap. Whoever maintains the facilities is doing a great job



Within the marina there’s the ‘Marina Café’, which I frequented every day for Wi-Fi. The drinks are cold, the salads are excellent and the special Marina Café crepe is fantastic – it’s a savory crepe with cheese, bacon, chicken and cream in it! When ordering a drink, you also get sliced apples, bananas and potato chips which was always a nice treat. The staff at the café were super kind and very helpfully. But with so many restaurants outside the marina you can ventured out most nights.  Also – inside the marina offices you’ll find a room filled with books, a computer and areas to sit. It’s nice an air conditioned.


Some thoughts on Kos Town

It’s quite a party place – its very busy with teenagers and party go-errs. The beaches near the marina were okay – s
The restaurants were all very good. There’s an excellent bakery near the castle with great ice cream too! And speaking of the castle, there are ruins all over the town of Kos. Everywhere you walk, you come across something old!
No matter who you are, if you’re passing near Kos by boat I highly suggest a couple nights in the great town. You can anchor right outside the marina for free, depending on weather conditions, or tie up in the wonderful Kos Marina.